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Ken Little Homes | WHY BUILD WITH US
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Why build with us

“Our goal is to ensure that on completion of your new home you are left completely satisfied with your decision to build with Ken Little Homes”


Registered builder Ken Little oversees the supervision of your home from start to finish. This ensures that the best methods of construction are utilised and any issues can be attended to as soon as they arise.

Your home is only as good as the tradesmen that put it together! Ken Little Homes retains the services of quality tradesmen whose workmanship & finish meet Ken’s high expectations.

Our team work hard to get your house built in the best possible timeframe without sacrificing the quality of workmanship! We do everything possible to maintain the continuity of tradesmen working on your home from start to finish.


We strive to provide you with a competitive price for your home. When you look at all the ‘Little Things’ you will see that we give you great value for your money.

We won’t charge you a fee to carry out a change during construction. In fact if Ken sees something that he feels isn’t quite right he will give you the opportunity to change it before it’s too late. We like our homes to be the best they can be.

When you do want to make changes, you won’t be slugged exorbitant costs. Providing your variation request is made before we order materials and tradesmen for the work affected most variations are relatively simple to undertake.


At Ken Little Homes we believe in maintaining an excellent level of communication with our clients. We are always available to meet up in our office or on site to go over any aspect of your home. Of course we are also ready to anwser any phone calls or emails if it is more conveinent for yourself.

Ken Little Homes as a Member of the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association keeps up to date with government policy changes and statutory requirements that can have an effect on your home.

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